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Traveling does not end when you arrive home. That is why Destinations represents trips that elevate the experience of its travelers and fix in their memory sensations, feelings and perceptions of reality different from those of our day to day. Because traveling is living, it is part of what we are and what we will be in the future. 

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What we do in Destinations.

How do we do it?

Destinations relies exclusively  on members of Traveler Made, Virtuoso, XO Private and the like. In the event that this credential does not exist, the seal of quality will be the careful choice of unique trips that offer a product that is very different from the rest, very experiential trips.  

We offer a meticulous follow-up of our clients, production and sales reports, launch of newsletters, organization of fam trips, training for agencies and management of commercial agendas.



Visit Canada is one of the best DMCs in the country. The strongest operator in the province of Ontario, with the particularity that they are the only ones in Canada that have their own fleet of planes to carry out exclusive excursions with surprising prices thanks to their own airline FlyGTA Airlines.

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